Vision, CapScan and LabelScan

Easy to setup and operate cap and label inspection.

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Key Stats

Fast and easy
Advanced software detection
Cap, label, and fill-level
Variable up to 1,600 cpm

Typical Applications

Fill-level monitoring
Cap inspection
Label inspection
Laser code presence verification

The CapScan & LabelScan is a powerful & flexible inspection system

The Peco Controls Vision Solution is a powerful and flexible inspection system capable of performing a wide variety of inspections. Peco’s advanced software easily learns the features of a “correct” container and then compares each inspected container to this reference container. The result is an exceptionally easy setup process that reliably finds even the smallest defects, with a low false reject rate.

Tech Specs

Model CapScan and LabelScan
Line Speed Up to 1600 containers/minute
Operator Interface Touchscreen monitor 17.0″
Line Speed Mode Fixed or Variable Speed
Construction Food Grade Stainless Steel
Ambient Temperature 0°C – 50°C (32°F – 122°F)
Power Requirements 120VAC or 230VAC, 50/60Hz single phase, 30W
Container Ejection Full lineup of ejection options available
Dimensions (LxWxH) 559 x 508 x 1625 mm


Cap Inspection

Verify correct cap placement and even color. The Peco Vision Solution readily detects missing or cocked caps and can also detect the presence of foil with an optional external foil sensor.

Label Inspection

Verify the correct placement and color of labels, including 360 wrap around labels. The Peco Vision Solution can also verify the presence of dates codes and other types of coding.

Fill-Level Monitoring

In transparent bottles the Peco Vision Solution can accurately verify fill-height.

Container Defects

The Peco Vision Solution can readily find dents and similar defects in plastic and metal containers.

Component Verification

The Peco Vision Solution uses image processing software to verify the presence of all components and can be used for inspections that require high speed and around-the-clock operation.


Custom Engineering Solutions

Because Peco-InspX is a dedicated manufacturer of automated inspection equipment, we bring a wealth of engineering expertise on an almost unlimited number of inspection applications. If you have a unique inspection requirement, please talk to us.

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